A new update comes to Planner. Planner is a task manager with good design and synchronization with Todoist.

Quick Add

Don’t worry about which app you’re using. You can use a keyboard shortcut to open the Quick Add window, where you can enter a pending task and quickly return to work.

  • The default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Tab but you can change it from preferences.

Planner Quick Add

Label improvement

The label system was improved. Now you can drag and drop to sort and search by name

Planner Quick Add

Share your Projects

Now you can share your Projects in Markdown format or send it by email.

A few more things…

  • The design has been improved and many new animations have been added.
  • Improved the synchronization system with Todoist.
  • Now you can add a project directly in a work area.
  • Customize your window controls to your liking.
  • Visual enhancements for tasks that have already expired.

Planner 2.2 is available for download now on AppCenter and Flathub. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.

Special thanks to ‘Nick @ The Linux Experiment’ and ‘William Tumeo’ for becoming our new silver tier patrons and supporting the development of Planner.

Planner is being developed with ❤️ and passion for Open Source. However, if you like Planner and want to support its development, consider donating to via: