Here’s a big update for the Quick Find feature, recurring tasks, and design improvements. Are you ready for Planner 2.3? Planner 2.3

Quick Find

Quick Find arrives with a big redesign and a ton of new features to make integration with Planner better. First, the design is based on Synapse Indicator thanks to Tom Beckmann, this new design allows us to better order the elements to be displayed. Now you can do searches for Tasks, Projects, Views and Labels.

  • Searches are more accurate and are highlighted if there are matches.
  • You can navigate faster between Inbox, Today and Upcoming views.
  • Search by labels and filter all your tasks. Planner Quick Find Redesign

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks finally arrive at Planner 2.3, with support for Todoist and an easy way to use it, but if you do not know that it is a recurring task we explain:

You likely have tasks that repeat themselves on a regular basis – monthly reports, putting out the garbage, remembering to call Mom on her birthday. Instead of creating a new task for each occurrence, give it a recurring due date. When you complete a recurring task, it will automatically reset for the next due date with no extra effort required on your part.

  • Repeat your tasks every day, week, month or year.
  • When you complete a recurring task a Quick Notification will be sent showing you the new scheduled date.
  • Recurring tasks sync with Todoist.

Recurring Due Dates

A few more things…

We’ve also snuck in a few other small-but-great improvements that we know some of you will really appreciate:

  • The design of the Progress Indicator for each project was improved.
  • The Areas are now called Folders and the icon has been changed.
  • Now you can order your Folders
  • See your completed tasks in context.
  • Now you can add a Note for each Section.
  • View URL from the notes or the title of a task.
  • It’s now possible to create and assign a Label directly if it is not available.
  • Quick Action to undo when a task is completed.
  • The Move to project menu now displays the correct color for each project.
  • Quick Notifications were designed.
  • Planner animations are now more consistent.
  • Performance was improved.

Planner 2.3 App

Planner 2.3 is available for download now on AppCenter and Flathub. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.

Special thanks to ‘Cal’ for becoming our new silver tier patrons and supporting the development of Planner.

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