Over the the past few months we’ve been working on Planner 2.4, a big update with great new features. Priorities, calendar events, Quick Add for all platforms and more. Planner 2.4

Priority support

Not all tasks are created equal. Use priority levels to make sure the most important things on your list stand out.

You can give your tasks one of four priority levels – 1 being the most important (marked as red) and 4 being everything else (no color).

  • To add a task priority even faster, you can type p1, p2, or p3 right into the task field. Planner will automatically recognize and assign the right priority level when you create the task.
  • Filter all your tasks with priorities from Quick Find.
  • The priorities are synchronized with Todoist.

Planner 2.4 Priority

Project Deadline

When you have been given a date by which you need to complete a project or face consequences, add Deadline. Here’s how to add a Deadline to your projects:

  1. Select Edit by right-clicking on your project in the left pane.
  2. Enable Deadline and select a date.
  3. A progress indicator and the selected date are added in the project view.

Planner 2.4 Deadlines

The app now handles links consistently in all places: inside the title, inside notes, and inside checklist items.

Planner 2.4 Links Everywhere

Quick Find Improvements

You want to filter your tasks by priorities or by labels more quickly, Open Quick Find and select a filter, the labels and priorities are default every time you start Quick Find. The design and performance were also improved by making the searches faster. Planner 2.4 Links Everywhere

Welcome Dark Blue & Arc Dark

Two beautiful Dark appearance that came to Planner, You can set your preferred in Preferences > Themes Planner 2.4 Links Everywhere

Quick Add Improvements

Quick Add came to Plane a long time ago but unfortunately it only works on elementary OS. Thanks to Nils Asmussen and Bilal Elmoussaoui it works in Flatpak.

  • To make this possible we had to make some changes in flatpak and it’s possible that the synchronization with Todoist doesn’t work, to solve this you can re-login to your Todoist account from the preferences.
  • To add a task priority, you can type p1, p2, or p3 right into the task field.
  • To add a date, you can type today or tomorrow right into the task field.

Keyboard Shortcuts Improvements

Keyboard shortcuts are now better in Planner. A new dialog has been added to see the full list of keyboard shortcuts and many keyboard shortcuts have been added and modified.

  • Use f1 to open keyboard shortcuts dialog.
  • Use a and q to create a new task.
  • Use p, f and s to create a new project, folder or section.
  • Use Ctrl + v to create a task from the clipboard. Keyboard Shortcuts

Today & Upcoming Improvements

Now you can sort your tasks by drag and drop and the option to reschedule your overdue tasks was added. Today Reschedule

In Upcoming view is possible to add tasks directly using Magic Button and move your tasks to other dates by drag and drop.

Today Reschedule

Calendar events

Calendar events is one of the most amazing features Planner has. Unfortunately not everyone could use this feature. Thanks to Corentin Noël Planner now supports the latest version of EDS and calendar events are displayed correctly.

A few more things…

  • Performance and memory usage have been improved.
  • A checklist counter has been added for each task.
  • The upcoming view has been redesigned making it more compact.
  • The UX to order a section has been improved.
  • UX has been improved by expanding or collapsing a section or folder.
  • Option to duplicate a task has been added.

Planner 2.4 App

Planner 2.4 is available for download now on AppCenter and Flathub. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.

Special thanks to ‘Eddie Vassallo’ for becoming our new Gold Tier Patrons and supporting the development of Planner.

Special thanks to ‘Robert Zelník’ for becoming our new silver tier patrons and supporting the development of Planner.

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