Planner 2.5 is here, with many design improvements, new features, and more.

Quick Add Improvements

Quick Add comes with a new design and new features.

Planner 2.5 Quick Add

  1. Filter projects by name.
  2. Schedule your tasks more quickly by entering today, tomorrow or 1d for a day, 1w for a week and 1m for a month.
  3. Assign a priority by entering p1, p2, p3 or using the button.

Multiple Windows Support

Open your projects in separate windows and drag your tasks from one side to the other to organize them with ease. Move your projects between your different workspaces. Adapt it to your personal settings.

Planner 2.5 Multiple Windows

  1. Right click on your selected project and select the Open New Window option.

Multiple Selection Support

Selecting multiple tasks at the same time is a handy way to quickly reschedule, set priority levels, move, or batch-edit tasks so you can get back to focusing on the more important things.

Planner 2.5 Multiple Windows

  1. Press Ctrl and click on tasks to select them. Selected tasks will be highlighted.
  2. From the menu that appears at the bottom, select the action you want to perform.

Text Formatting

Format your tasks or notes with bold or italic text.

  • Use **Mi Text** to use bold text.
  • Use *Mi Text* to use italic text..

Sort Your Tasks

If you find that your project has become a little disorganized, it might be time to sort it so you can find tasks more easily. You can sort your tasks by name, priority, or scheduled date.

Planner 2.5 Sort Tasks

Export & Import

You are moving to a new OS or want to make backup copies thanks to the Import & Export function of Planner this job will be much easier.

Planner 2.5 Import Export

  1. Export your Planner database in Preferences > General > Export.
  2. Select your exported file when starting Planner.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts are available for Planner 2.5, be more productive by putting them to work.

  • Use d, r, n to sort your task by, date, priority and name.
  • Use Ctrl + h to hide all tasks details.
  • Use Ctrl + w to open current project new window.
  • Use h to go to start page.

A few more things…

  • Added support for time when scheduling a task.
  • New design when adding tasks.
  • Now you can convert a local project to Todoist.
  • Tasks are updated when the day changes.
  • It’s now possible to use special characters like & or # in your projects, sections, tasks or notes.
  • It’s now possible to create scheduled tasks faster by entering 1d, 1w, 1m to tomorrow, +7 days and the same day next month.
  • You can see your completed tasks in today’s view.
  • It’s now possible to use Quick Find to search tasks by notes.
  • New Release Dialog.
  • New translations
  • It’s now possible to disable Quick Add.
  • Design improvements and bug fixes.
  • The completed view is sorted by dates.

Planner 2.5 is available for download now on AppCenter and Flathub. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.

Planner is being developed with ❤️ and passion for Open Source. However, if you like Planner and want to support its development, consider donating to via: