Board View is here

For Todoist users, the Board View was introduced in this new update, a more visual way to organize your Planner projects. This new layout makes it easy to see the big picture of your projects and make progress from start to finish.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board

To see your projects in the Board View, press the three dots icon in the top right, and select View as board. You’ll be able to rearrange your sections, create new ones, and drag your tasks to anywhere on your board.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2


One of the most requested features comes to Planner 2.6, keep your ever-growing project list neat and organized with sub-projects.

You can collapse sub-projects under their “parent” projects to temporarily hide them from view. This helps to focus on the right projects at the right time, without getting distracted by everything else.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

How to turn a project into a sub-project

  1. Right click on a project.
  2. Select the Move option.
  3. Select a project.

New Features

A big update for the Quick Find feature is here, with new views and feactures.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

  • Quick Search now saves your last searches, so you can hop around without even typing.
  • Added new Tomorrow view.
  • Now it is possible to search between Sections

Task defaults

Added a new view in Preferences to edit task defaults.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

  • New tasks on top: Indicate the position where the new tasks were created.
  • Underline completed tasks.
  • Default priority: Select the default priority when creating a task.

Add tasks, projects, sections asynchronously

Adding a task, project or section is a quick process but sometimes this process stops or does not respond mainly to problems with the internet connection. Planner 2.6 creates the tasks asynchronously with the possibility of being able to cancel the process at any time.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

Filter your projects by labels

It is now possible to filter the tasks within a project by labels.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

Labels have been added in the sidebar to make the use of filter by labels much faster.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

More customization

It is now possible to sort the position Inbox, Today and Upcoming by Drag & Drop.

Planner 2.6 Planner Board 2

Code cleanup & performance improvement

A giant code cleanup was done and resource usage was improved. Now Planner is faster and works much better.

Planner 2.6 is available for download now on AppCenter and Flathub. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.

Planner is being developed with ❤️ and passion for Open Source. However, if you like Planner and want to support its development, consider donating to via: